Welcome to www.africanweapons.com

This site is intended as a simple and playful way to
share some of my favourite African shapes and forms,
their beauty in design and daring lines. And a true beauty
it is, more often being objects of prestige & wealth, than
the instruments of destruction as seen in the light of
modern warfare.

This site should not be viewed as an excercise in
measuring collections - it's bound to fail. There is always
someone with more, better and older specimens, no matter
how much time or energy you put into collecting.
Competition for material culture is futile when the true
goal should be knowledge and understanding of old cultures,
now fading into oblivion. As collectors we are nothing but
guardians of the remaining relics, many times stripped
from their meaning but never from the inhabitant beauty.

Seen as a simple introduction to the vast and ever
expanding scenery found in the form and beauty of
African Arms, I hope this site will serve its purpose.


S. Durling